Not Every Prostitute!

I knew a kid in high school that died once. Well I guess you can’t really die twice, but this kid’s death really got to me:

I met him when one day I left school very late, and I had no ride home (before my days of ravaging the streets with my good ol’ 88). I remember stepping into his car and sitting on the nice leather as I wondered to my self if I’d ever have a car as nice as his. I didn’t know the kid at all, he was a friend of a friend, who happened to be with us. He was one of those “cool” types, you know, the type that tries so hard to be cool—leaves what he needs, to find what he thinks he wants. The smell of old cigarette butts and freshly spit puffs danced in the cabin as if to fumigate the car of all decency—mind you the windows were open. I actually didn’t think my friend smoked—naivety sucks…hard. That’s really all I remember of this kid, except that his name started with an ‘M,’ Mahmoud, or Mustafa, or Mohsin, something like that.

The next time I saw him was on the channel 5 news. Apparently young ‘M’ was hit by a drunk driver one night when he and his girl friend (beautiful blonde type—although definitely beauty is in the eye of the beholder!), were struck dead. Cops were still looking for the driver.

Almost instinctively my mullah-sense took over and I thought….I thought a lot of thoughts. But the reality was, he was dead. May Allah have mercy on our Muslim brother. Ameen.

You know, as I think back to those days, I can’t help but think ‘not every prostitute.’ May Allah forgive me for any husn ad-dhun I didn’t give to my brothers and sisters in this deen. Ameen.

There’s a story that I often quote. Its about twin brothers, one evil and one righteous—how convenient.

They lived in a two story complex, the evil one on the top floor and the other on the bottom. Each day the evil one would run out into the world to maximize his joy and pleasure, while the pious one would spend his time remembering Allah, asking for forgiveness, and worshipping devoutly. One day, Shaytan came to the pious brother and asked him why he was working so hard? As a matter of fact, Shaytan knew that the man had 40 more years to live! So he had a great idea, he said to the brother, “Why don’t you have fun like your twin does for 20 years, and repent the next 20…I mean, is not Allah the Oft-Forgiving?!” The brother made up his mind and started marching upstairs to learn the tricks of the trade from his brother.
Meanwhile, the brother upstairs pondered over his life and wondered what he would do if Allah were to call him to return to Him. How would he stand, knowing what he did in this life? So, he made a firm intention, and started towards the staircase to go to his brother and learn how to properly repent to Allah.
The brother coming down the stairs tripped, fell, knocked over his other brother, and they both fell down the staircase, dead. RasulAllah صلي الله عليه وسلم taught us how the last of one’s deeds are the mightiest on the Day of Judgement, and so its probably important to mention that now.

Again, I realize, its ‘not every prostitute,’ but only the rare few.

RasulAllah صلي الله عليه وسلم had taught us about a prostitute who once saw a dog so thirsty, it was licking the ground for wetness to quench its desire. The lady saw this and went down a well, filled her shoe with water, and gave drink to a dog on a hot day. For this RasulAllah صلي الله عليه وسلم said that she would be of those in Jannah. A place where there are definitely no uncomfortable days, and drinking is merely for pleasure.

Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله commented on this hadith, stating that “not every prostitute who gives drink to a dog will enter Paradise.” It was the sincerity of the woman that dowsed the fires of her Hell with a mere shoe-full of water.

Many times we see ourselves, self-righteous bums in the truest sense, passing the greatest of Judgements on those whose realities we are completely unaware of. We hold back clemency and put forth assumption. Yet we know very little of our own states now, how much less do we know of our states at the time when our ‘deeds will be of utmost in importance, the mightiest.’

Most definitely, it is not every prostitute, but only the luckiest of us all.


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  1. UrLiLsis

    this was quite interesting… it makes you think.. well me at least.. bahiya..

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