7 Habits of Less Than Effective People

I came back from jummuah, as I usually do, though admittedly, at varying times, and I saw this on my board. See at work, I put up this board to write anything “non-business” on–the only rule is that its not business related. Many times they are random jokes, many times just shots at each other, and sometimes, very rarely however, but sometimes, its something quite insightful. I came back today to find this:

7 Habits of Less Than Effective People:

1. Spend more time away from your desk than at it

2. Collect half-empty beverage bottles

3. Buy immature bananas

4. Use at least 20 styrene cups per day

5. Share your cellphone # with your colleagues and then never answer it

6. Master the art of typing “WFH”

7. Leave yourself wide open for pot-shots

Needless to say, I’ll miss corporate America. Well, the non-business side of it anyways 🙂


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