Which Way is Nasr City?

to nowhere


So, London in two days…

Had the fish and chips.

Rode the double-decker buses.

Heard Big Ben blaring at the hour.

Faked the accent to see if I could fit in with the ‘locals.’

Felt really really American. Felt really really foreign. 

…gotta do the essentials 🙂


Alhamdulillah, my trip to London was a very delightful experience, and now its onward and upward….to the land of Musa (عليه السلام). 

Make dua.




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2 responses to “Which Way is Nasr City?

  1. Jannah

    Do you know anyone that has studied at nile centre and how good they are? Any info about them? I’ve heard they are really intense with grammar and thus ppl tend to drop out alot from there…

  2. writeousbum

    Salaam Jannah!

    Thanks for checking out my blog. As for the Nile Center, I really don’t know anyone there, nor how good they are. As far as grammar, I’ve heard that Al-Bayyinah is very intense, but again, thats hearsay. When you start researching these institutes, you’ll find that everyone has an opinion on each of these institutes, but I’d warn you to be wary of people’s advice, ESPECIALLY if they actually haven’t attended the institutes they speak of.

    Personally, I am going to Fajr right now, and honestly, I’m not too happy with their organization or even their attitude with the students. Inshallah, starting next month I’ll be doing private tutoring–which I’ve heard from most of the people here (who actually have learned arabic) is the best method.

    Its hard when doing research because you have to go on people’s perceptions, and my experience may not be the same as someone else’s, so to judge based on that, solely, would probably not be to satisfying. But..unfortunately, it seems that that is all we have. Check out the blog on my blog roll, titled “Fajr,” its written by a sister who is also studying arabic, and it has a few good articles on there too.

    All in all, studying in Egypt is fairly easy and cheap, and once your here in Nasr city, I’d just settle on a center and stick with it (if you’re here short term), if long term, I’d probably say go private for more impact!

    Allahualem, sorry if I wasn’t much help.

    Also…….when you’re comfortable back home, its easy to dream about studying deen and arabic, but when you’re out here all alone, it gets difficult, and of course, shaytan is a devil….so make a lot of dua, prepare your emaan, and really solidify your niyah BEFORE YOU COME.

    That would be the extent of my advice for now. But inshallah, I’ll post some good advice, in a few days, about learning deen and arabic that I received.

    Please make dua for me, my studies, and my emaan. Jazakallahukhair.

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