A Butterfly in Egypt

A saw a butterfly today. Well, I glanced at it. I did take a second look, but it was maybe for half-moment and not much more.

Immediately reminding me of the fields at Hutchison Elementary, at recess, the site of my early holding grounds.

A rush came over me, particularly about the different sense of time back then……every thing took so long. Relatively speaking, of course, it did–compared to my young age. As I passed through the bustling streets on my way to wherever, I thought, the last time I remember seeing a butterfly, I was 10, and I remember just watching it for a while. Not this time though, I had to go nowhere, but I know I needed to get there quickly.

Senseless rush.

My first week here turned into 6 months. Now, on my second trip, Cairo feels more like returning to a distant memory than to a far away distant land. Not really sure how much I’ve gained, or for that matter, how much I’ve lost, but I’m here. Inshallah, this next round will be much more fruitful, now that I’ve been reminded of how quickly ten becomes twenty-four, and how short a year becomes after a few moments.ย 

But alhamdulillah, at least a saw a butterfly today.



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2 responses to “A Butterfly in Egypt

  1. And that post just earned you a new subscriber.

  2. LittleBoPeep

    I really liked that post ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll make my way to the most current post (which isn’t so current, lol) soon enough! Hope all is well inshaAllah t’ala

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