The Chai Response:

In honor of the previously established Official Anti-Invaider blog, the sole objective from which what you see here had developed from, I have responded, in defense of chai:

you avoided me and so i’m gone
your sugar rush and highs are done
starbucks and carribou,
ha, tis the price you pay when you
audaciously drink lipton too!
cry for me, no more, you see
you did this, you all killed me
pakistani white-milk-tea
with english biscuits and crappy bree?!
keep this up and then you’ll see
no more culture, no more “me”
it started when you hung the loongies up
thats when you dumped out my first cup
followed by an acquittal of gowns and thobes
and a desire to hang metal on your lobes
punk rock, rap, country, or easy listening
each one was another christening
go ahead, leave the panjabis and salwars at home
no more east and west, we all are Rome!
Eid day comes and the focus is my new Tommy,
what happened to the day being spent with mommy?
her culture slept, then died, and now your on your own
don’t cry for me, you leave me alone!



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6 responses to “The Chai Response:

  1. Amatullah


  2. Official Anti-Vaider blog sounded like it was a bizzaro el laberinto del fauno (which was a sick movie btw!)…i guess thats why you had to go ‘writeous’ on us.

    After this post, I think the blog should be renamed ‘writeousbamma’

  3. one rediculous poem deserves another…..

    From the perspective of the pistachio:

    All quiet and dark, I wait in a drawer

    To be eaten by some, or spit on the floor

    Many days have passed and I’ve remained whole

    I wish to be crushed, and placed in a bowl

    Being sprinkled in chai, was my delight

    Floating on top, I was in the spotlight

    Now I wait in darkness and wonder why

    I had to be separated from kashmiri chai

    Where has it gone? How long has it been?

    Are any humans around? Where are the jinn?

    Paralyzed by a shell, I hope to break free

    From the shackles which have bound me since on a tree

    To soak in the warmness of kashmiri delight

    A life without chai has become my new plight

    So I sit and wait, all quiet and dark in a drawer

    Waiting for chai duty to knock on my door

  4. i think it’s about that time for the bum to write something new? yea?

  5. Mu

    Yo…. wats up wit the BlogRoll. Youve been MIA. Let get it going again.

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