53rd & 6th… I Have a Dream.

53rd & 6th

salaam. be in peace, for i am not.

i love new york. what offends me most is that when NY is mentioned, muslims expend all energies to bless you with knowledge of the cart on 53rd and 6th…i personally don’t care much for it.

how can the culinary treat of what is “New York,” the expansive taste retreat that it is, be shadowed by the expectations of what lie in that cart?!

it never ceases to amaze me. but perhaps our tongues, tortured by the constant ‘pleasuring’ of charcoal kabob deserves no better rest.

one day, i dream for better.

dare i hope?



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6 responses to “53rd & 6th… I Have a Dream.

  1. Amatullah


    Word! I had 53rd and 6th and I got sick :S

    I personally prefer: ‘no pork on my fork’

    (yes, i’m not kidding..that’s the name of the restaurant)

    • wb

      …haven’t we all…haven’t we all…

      …and yet still…so many refuse to learn.

      we need to step out of our arrogance as an ummah. truly these experiences remind me of how jahil we can be when we let our ego get in the way of true knowledge and understanding. we feel and we do, but just don’t seem to understand.

      Allahu musta’an.

      btw, where is this ‘no pork on my fork’?
      …but beware, i shall visit, and then judge your tastes as well! 🙂

      • for real, that place was some cut. My favorite restaurants in NY so far have been: Roti Boti (though I heard they went out of business), and that fried chicken joint Ammar took us to.

      • Amatullah

        I believe it’s in Harlem.

        I actually didn’t go there…I just like the name lol.

        I went to another chinese restaurant in Queens which was really good. Can’t remember the name though.

        And there’s a Turkish restaurant in Brooklyn which was just wow…wow. mashaAllah.

  2. Wow, this is still relevant till today lollll.

    You gotta love the Bengali homemade-in-a-restaurant cookin’ 😉

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