Wisdom of the Ignorant

When posed a question, they feared in answering.

When not bothered, approached, or even looked at, we jump at the chance.

Many times, I feel almost like its more of an internal issue of kibr, an arrogance that leads us to answer because we “know” best what should happen in a situation, or we would at least like the ‘other’ to know that we know.

I used to think knowledge was a definite word, but now more and more, I think its as relative to the beholder as beauty is.

The one who attains the smallest portion of knowledge assumes themselves a scholar. After the attainment of a second morsel, they are humbled. But the one who attains a third portion of knowledge knows that they are truly ignorant.

-Imam Ghazali

If we knew our ignorance, we wouldn’t speak.



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5 responses to “Wisdom of the Ignorant

  1. adam

    من قال لا أدري، فعلمه الله ما لا يدري

  2. In baseball, plate discipline is a term used to describe a batters ability to discern between a pitch worthy of swinging at versus one that strays out of the strike zone. Though techniques to improve plate discipline can be taught, much of it is instinctive- a pitch coming at 90 miles per hour leaves little time to dwell in uncertainty.

    An observation I’ve made is that the propensity to respond to every religious argument or debate, no matter how bleak the prospect of benefit wreaks of poor plate discipline. It often times functions in ambivalence to the ‘other’ who is being lectured to, and although patience can be implored, prudence is the product of instinct. Knowing how to respond to a confrontation where someone espouses fringe opinions requires as much discernment as locating whether or not a 90 mile per hour fastball is in the strike zone. Silence might be met with resentment, but such is the price for a home in paradise…

    Russell once said that civility is distinguished from savagery by way of prudence. The need to espouse our positions in every area of islam, irrespective of the sophistication of those topics, speaks to our own physiognomy; those who highlight problems are many, but those who work towards solutions are few.

    Anyways, I’ll quit the rant 🙂 and end with the following hadith:
    ‘From the perfection of one’s islam is to leave that which doesnt concern him.’

    Allahu A’alem. -ya boy.

  3. AntiqueNarrative

    The last statement in your post is so true. I’ve been saying that for the longest. Do you mind if I quote you in my blog?

  4. zulander

    Look at MV throwing out the baseball knowledge. The best part of baseball season is the fact that baseball tonight is back. I don’t care for baseball, but that show is amazing.

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