About Me

Writeous Bum is a recently emancipated slave of the daily grind that is, the daily grind. In his charge for greatness, Writeous Bum has fought long and hard to achieve his dream of being a medical doctor, and after long hours and much effort, Alhamdulillah, he attained his BS in Economics to gain a position at a telephone company—funny how things work out, huh? Before his current path, Writeous Bum was known to be an avid researcher of “modern-day socio-cultural ethics and behaviour patterns,” however, now with HDTV, ROI on his research has expanded exponentially. Known in local circles as a strict connoisseur of fine teas from around the world, he’s been seen, on one auspicious occasion, to return ice tea at a McDonald’s claiming, ‘lack of charisma,’ as his source of disappointment in the cold beverage. Writeous Bum enjoys many activities of the conventional, and the ‘not-so’ variation—and of course, not the least of which, are long walks on the beach.

But…why “writeous bum” ? —>why.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Your blog seems like it’ll be fun…
    look forward to more…


  2. UrLiLsis

    woah ur about me section… interesting…. although the long walks might help in clear thought… if u only lived near a beach…


  3. yo assalamu alaykum,

    im hollering at you now, lol. good blog, dude, i’m liking it. cool beans.


  4. Sumaya

    Asalamu Alakium Wa Rahmatu Allah,

    Just wanted to say, Masha’allah Very nice blog, Keep up the great work!

    Fe Aman Allah,


  5. Salaam Alaikum.

    Masha’Allah very nice blog you have here!

  6. nadia

    why am i never in any of your blogs. u know u miss me.. dont lie u know u do.. <3’d reading about the butterfly.. aww the good old days of hutchison which is like a mansion now btw… can’t wait till u come back.. MISSING YOU!

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